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Does anyone want to start a thread with Lucy?

Lucy muse is lonely.

same goes for Lucas?

I think I need a respond from Hikari and Barry?

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Every year on this date Lucas was busy. Everything had to be just perfect, she deserved perfect after all. Today was Hikari’s birthday. He planned to make this a special one. Not that she would know of course. This year he decided to surprise her. For he had just about done everything else one could imagine for Hikari’s birthday. So he thought, why not?

Just like every year, Lucas fretted over every little thing. This year there was an added worried. His surprise could back fire, she could have made plans. Or even worse she could have made plans with Barry. While h was Lucas’ best friend, he could not imagine him putting forth such effort. Perhaps Hikari thought he did not care, or forgot. That was supposed to be the fun of a surprise right? The fact that it came out of nowhere.

With one last check in the mirror, Lucas headed off to Hikari’s place. He could not help but be nervous. What if she wasn’t there? With a deep breath he knocked on Hikari’s door. He wore a well fitted blue suit, with a white shirt and red tie. In one hand he held a cake and over his shoulder was a festive bag with a champagne bottle sticking out. “Surprise, Happy Birthday Hikari,” he said with a bright smile.

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Truth be told, Lucas had never been to a strip club before. If he wished to see a naked woman, he would simply go to a bar and pick one up. What was the point of looking, if you could not touch? The reason he was on his way to such an establishment was his best friend Barry. Lucas put a Camerupt light in his mouth as he made his way through shady alley ways. It was not locate in the better parts of town.

In cheap neon lights the sign read, ‘Lusty Liepard: A Gentlemen’s Club.’ Lucas found it absolutely hysterical that they referred to it was a, “Gentlemen’s Club.’ It was rare enough to meet genuine gentlemen nowadays, much less in a cheesy strip club. This misadventure could be a learning experience, study the interactions of such people.

As always, Barry was late. People always commented about how fast he ran about. He wouldn’t have to run to places if he left at a reasonable time. Lucas guessed Barry got side tracked in a pot haze, of course he could be wrong. He chained smoked as he waited for the blonde. Just as Lucas began to dial Barry’s number, he saw a blur in the distance. Lucas hollered, “Barry, is that you?!?”

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Did you really think I’d forget about that Lucas?

I’ve been a bit more frugal since I dropped outta college!! [Looks in his bag until he finds the money that he had stored away for his friend, pulling out a wad of cash] HERE YOU GO!

In my defense, you do smoke a lot of cannabis. 

[Stares blankly at the wad of cash.] Where did you acquire such a—Never mind I don’t even want to know.

What I do know is…it is Christmas time. I do not believe either of us are returning to Sinnoh.[Throws the cash in the air.] Lets go to the establishment where women parade about for change. Most likely to support their children or drug habits!

Ho mother fucking ho!


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This time you are getting fined.

Seriously you owe me for bailing you out.

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Lucas slowly exhaled the smoke from his lungs. His father would have killed him if he were still alive. All his fathers talks of how smoking was bad for you, did not dissuade him from the bad habit. Not to mention that Lucas’ goal was to become a doctor. What was that saying? “Do what I say, not what I do.” The mantra would suite him once he achieved his goals. All he knew that he was going to get more stressed, which meant more cigarettes and bourbon.

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Anonymous said: Have you ever worn your underwear backwards or inside out for the day and not realized it?

Inside out once or twice, for a man it would be quite inconvenient to wear your underwear the incorrect way.

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Anonymous said: How much dick could a dick-dick dick, if a dick-dick could dick dicks?

A single dick can only do so many things.

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